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On the morning of June 25, 1876, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer made the fateful decision to attack a large Native American village camped on the banks of the Little Big Horn River. It was a decision that would cost him his life, the lives of 268 of his men, and over 60 Native Americans defending their right to live free. Myths, mysteries, and legends of this fight have grown for more than 142 years, elevating a lonely patch of dirt and grass, dotted with white and brown tombstones, to mythological proportions. How did this apocalyptic clash of cultures happen? What is accurate, and what is conjecture? What happened?

After the critically acclaimed release of Chris Hoffert's short documentary Contested Ground for author Steve Adelson's book Little Bighorn, Voices from a distant wind, it became apparent to Chris and his fellow historians that there was much more of the story to tell. Award-winning director and Little Big Horn historian Chris Hoffert presents the most comprehensive visual study of the battle that has ever been seen. It will be unbiased, unabashed, and unforgettable.

Experience the entire battle as the survivors told it. Foreword by award-winning author and historian Frederic C. Wagner III and includes research articles by Christopher A. Hoffert.

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Custer strategy of defeat dvd

Bob on 3rd May 2023


Custer's Strategy of Defeat

Dallas Mason on 8th Jan 2023

Well worth the wait, a real treat for those interested in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. I especially like the way the story is told, making use of interviews conducted by Walter Mason Camp. Another strong point for the film is its timeline, noting the time and place of developments as they happened during the battle. Perhaps above all else, it is apparent that the cast was committed to the subject material. As a result, the film delivers with its honest depiction of one of history's greatest events. Definitely recommend.


Ronald Blake on 5th Dec 2022

I loved this film! What grabbed me was the authenticity, i. e. uniforms, documented remarks that the characters directed to each other. I appreciate the treatment afforded the Natives.